Value of an Internship Abroad

With unemployment combined in all Western countries being as high as ever before and one country after another being threatened by bankruptcy, more and more young professionals are looking for employment and internship opportunities abroad. Asia, being one of the only still thriving economic areas is becoming increasingly popular for foreign work forces. Within Asia, we can identify certain zones that are standing out as “being on an other level”. Hong Kong is one of those places. Hong Kong is known as the place where “east meets west” and enjoys great popularity among Western businessmen. The mix of Chinese cunningness and Western precision seems to be on the spot.

Already several years ago Chinese newspapers were writing articles about foreign interns “flocking to Greater China” (China Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) for internship positions. Internships have always been a great opportunity to gain new work experience and an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical field. Doing an internship abroad takes the entire experience to a whole new level.

Hong Kong’s culture can be challenging. Many renowned Sinologists have written in the past that the more you learn about Chinese culture and customs, the less you will understand them. And yet lots of foreign students and interns are drawn to Hong Kong every year to study, do an internship to boost their CV, or even set up their own start-up company. More and more attempt to find employment in this exciting city, gradually building a connection between the East and West, acting as a link between the two Worlds.

Finding an internship in a foreign country can be quiet challenging, especially since the competition is quiet tough. Students looking for internship opportunities in Hong Kong usually need to have some local knowledge or connections in order to be able to find an internship position. This is the reason why in recent years Internship Agencies have become increasingly popular, helping students not only to find enriching job and internship opportunities, but offering all inclusive packages including housing, business lectures, networking events and excursions.

I have done an internship in Hong Kong myself and highly recommend everyone to seek the challenge as well. As an intern in Hong Kong you get to know the Chinese way of doing business, mixed with a pinch a Western influence. If you are looking at an international business career, this experience will help you start understanding the Asian business world. And of course you boost your resume and build your international network of professional colleagues to give your future career a kick-start! Furthermore, if you manage to acquire some Chinese language skills during your stay, you surely will be ahead of the competition!


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